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Monday, December 16, 2013

How would Robert Kiyosaki invest $10,000 in 2014?

I am asked this question a lot, usually related to what I’d suggest for someone else. This may be my most frequently asked question (“I have $10,000… what should I invest in?”) and it always frustrates me because I can’t possibly know enough about someone’s financial life to offer prescriptive advice on how should invest—or not invest. The Rich Dad teachings and philosophies related to investing are grounded in financial education. Learn about different investment vehicles and asset classes and become your own best advisor in terms of the best place or places to put your money…and once you’ve gained the knowledge (and some experience) you can make confident, informed choices about what’s best for you. That said, and looking ahead to 2014, this is how I would allocate my investment dollars:

Equities       5%
Real Estates        40%
Precious Metals     25%
Oil      20 %
Cash      10 %

With gold and silver prices heading down, I would be acquiring a larger position in physical gold and silver. When the stock market goes down, panic will set in, and gold and silver are likely to hit new highs - in kitco

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