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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Donald Trump : Great Time to Buy a House

Donald Trump : " I can see it. people are not doing well. the economy is not doing well. the banks are heavily regulated and being demanded, they're not able to make deals, and frankly, you know, the banks have not behaved very well because they haven't been loaning out money but the regulation is so stringent and so tough that it makes it very hard to get the economy going and you can't get the economy going unless the banks are going to get going."
" except in places like Miami or Manhattan in new york which is phenomenal or a couple of other places it's been terrible and the housing market continues to be table. people are not able to get financing to buy a house and that's a situation that has to be taken care of, whether it's overregulation or the banks not behaving, people are unable to get financing and even if they have great credit ratings they have to put up 50%. in the old days you had a good credit rating, you get a good loan. they're putting up so much money and so much equity. this is a great time and I've been saying it for a while for the most part a great time to buy a house, a great time.|"

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