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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Robert Kiyosaki - Unfair Advantage

Robert Kiyosaki previews the Unfair Advantage program

If more people had listened to Robert Kiyosaki we would have avoided the housing bubble and financial crisis. His older books even warn us about it. I am starting to apply all of his concepts and it really works for me. Its been happening in a a matter of weeks. you should focus on what he is trying to let you know about money working for you instead of you working for money. am starting to pay myself first and investin on businesses that don't requiere my time or presence 100%

Robert Kiyosaki  revealed the 6-Steps how to invest in Properties and Real Estates

1. Decide To Be Investor
2. Find An Area
3. Identify Properties
4. Analyze, Offer and Negotiate
5. Put together the deal
6. Property Management

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story of Robert Kiyosaki's financial education. He had two 'dads' - one his real dad, who was poor, and the other, his best friend's dad, who was on his way to becoming a very rich man.