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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Robert & Kim Kiyosaki educational live presentation at NAC

Robert & Kim Kiyosaki's educational live presentation at NAC Choice segments from Robert & Kim Kiyosaki's educational live presentation at NAC. Assisted by his Rich Dad advisers, Robert focuses on the principle of infinite ROI and the crucial importance of understanding tax (so you can legally avoid paying any). He stresses that, even though he says we are close to a depression, this is a time for great opportunity and the answer is entrepreneurship

The credit cards and grocery stores came later and our dependence on them is our weakness. Getting of our backside and growing our own food can keep us self--sufficient. Dont worry too much. We already grow our own vegetables and it costs very little. Invest in land and grow your own food. Its cheaper .It is interesting that while the three main Western ratings agencies based in New York and London give the US a AAA, or AA+ rating, the Chinese ratings agency Dagong gives the US an A rating, This is the fifth highest credit rating level, which the US shares with Russia, Spain (which was recently bailed for $1 trillion out by the EU), South Africa and Estonia. This is significant as it is China which is the biggest lender to the US. What if China ever decides that US lending is too risky?

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