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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : I always use debt, taxes and gold as my thing

Robert Kiyosaki : I thought it was interesting, yesterday, Cramer was telling everybody to buy and today, it drops. He’s a very smart man, but he should stay out of gold. Anyway, I don’t know. I mean, I think – I’ll just tell you my plans because I started loading up heavily around ’96, ’97 and it kept going down. I think it hit a low of like $275.00 or something around 2000, and I just kept loading up. I’ve been loading up ever since. So, I’ve just been less loading now, but my strategy is I always use debt, taxes and gold as my thing. So, I plan to start exiting around the year 2016, 2017. And with the gains I make in gold, I’m gonna pay off my debts. Like, I have lots of apartment houses. I buy gold for one simple reason. I don’t trust my government. I don’t trust most government leaders and I think the biggest thing we gotta watch out for, besides the pressure in the Middle East because, everybody expects Libya to go democracy and, I think that’s yet to be seen. But, the biggest quandary today is actually is in the EU because they have some severe operating problems. They – Greece is not the same country as France. At least in the States, we’re all states and we’re the same country. But the European Union has very, very serious powers between strong countries and weak countries. The United States biggest problems will be coming up in five years. It’s called Social Security and Medicare and these are structural problems that will not go away with an election or a promise from a President. So, Europe’s problems are today and America’s are five to seven years. Europe is, I mean, England is a big worry. They’re doing their best to handle ‘cause of the rioting, but they’re not strong. So, I’m just – I would rather have gold than anything else right now. I don’t trust – I don’t – and something can happen. - in Goldseek Radio
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