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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kiyosaki : I love debt , I am a debt guy

Robert Kiyosaki : Well, the thing of it is, already, what’s happening is food’s going up and the reason food’s going up is simply because all the farmers are old. The average age of the American farmer is almost 60. But, also, is, you know, as oil prices staying, let’s say about $85.00 a barrel, that affects not only fertilizer, but transportation costs. So, like it or not, food’s gonna go up regardless. And look at the other side of it ‘cause I’m a debt guy. I love debt. You know, that’s why I buy large apartment houses with 100 percent financing. And because I’ve been in real estate and I can cash flow a property and all that, the banks are just giving me all the debt I want for like, you know, five percent, six percent. And this is fabulous. And, to me, you know, I’ve been just an advocate of financial education for years and I said, “Why doesn’t our school have financial education?” Our leaders don’t have any financial education, that’s for sure - in Goldseek Radio Interview

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