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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kiyosaki : I dont like Equities

Robert Kiyosaki : Yeah, I think so. I’m not a real equities guy because I don’t like equities. I’m a private investor. In other words, I buy my own apartment houses. I buy my own oil wells. I drill my own wells. I don’t like the public markets because they’re manipulated. But, anyway, when I watch people trying to guess the stock market, you better know it’s manipulated. If you’re not into manipulation, then maybe you shouldn’t be in it. So, I think that’s really the thing. And I predict that the bottom of the stock market, a big run off, will probably be 2016, 2017. It’ll clean out all the baby boomers who are in it and then it’ll be time that gold will go through the roof, silver will go through the roof and it’ll be time to exit gold and silver around 2018. That’s my prediction. There’s definitely no fundamentals to what I say. I just – that’s the way I see it going, so for right now, I’m just kind of watching and seeing how it tracks, but so far, I’ve been right on. And the reason I think the stock market hasn’t seen this bottom yet is because all over the world, there’s a group of people called baby boomers, that’s with the stock market like they do in the European market. - in Goldseek Radio

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