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Monday, November 21, 2011

A 401K is only good for people who are planning to be poor when they’re retired

Robert Kiyosaki : Life is a point of view, you know, and which side of the view are you on? You’ve really gotta be playing the game from the side of the rich ‘cause if you’re not, you’re getting crushed right now. Buy a house – that’s a joke. Get out of debt – that’s a joke. You’re supposed to be getting into debt. And you put your funds, your money, in say in a 401K and a 401K is only good for people who are planning to be poor when they’re retired. So, I don’t have any plans of being poor, so I don’t have a 401K. If you’re not gonna get educated and understand that the whole game is rigged by the rich, and once you figure out the rules of the rich, then you play by the rules of the rich. And everybody else is kind of just being whip-sawed right now and it’s quite a tragedy. We haven’t seen the worst yet. You know, there was a Great Depression? Well, the new depression is gonna make the Great Depression look like a golf visit. - in Goldseek Radio

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