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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : If you want more Give more

Robert Kiyosaki explains what is Greed and why there is good greed and bad greed and how there more greedy poor people than there greedy rich people , there are actually more greedy poor people than there rich people , the simple definition of Greed is you are greedy simply when you want to get more than what you are willing to give , in theory if you want a lot you have to give a lot , if you are healthy and you are able to work and you want welfare then you are greedy , it's a law of reciprocity the more you give the more you receive

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story of Robert Kiyosaki's financial education. He had two 'dads' - one his real dad, who was poor, and the other, his best friend's dad, who was on his way to becoming a very rich man.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki ?

Robert Kiyosaki - Robert T. Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the "Rich Dad" series, and former Marine gunship pilot during the Vietnam War, is an investor, entrepreneur, educator and New York Times best-selling author. His financial education book series Rich Dad Poor Dad has been translated to over 100 languages and sold more than 26 million copies world wide. He also created the educational board game Cashflow 101 to teach individuals the financial and investment strategies that his rich dad spent years teaching him. Robert Kiyosaki's perspectives on money and investing are different from traditional teaching. The old beliefs of getting a good job, working hard, saving money, getting out of debt, and investing for the long term are obsolete in today's world. Robert Kiyosaki's teachings focus on generating passive income through investment opportunities, such as real estate and businesses, with the ultimate goal of being able to support oneself by such investments alone.
Some of Robert Kiyosaki's bestselling books:

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