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Thursday, May 5, 2011

your money is worth less and less

Robert Kiyosaki : “... What I see more is like the Paso crisis of 1990, the Asian crisis and the Russian crisis. It’s happening right now. The dollar versus the Euro is 120 and going to 134. The world is saying your cash is trash. It’s good for the economy because it makes our products more affordable--- which is not bad, it’s just when you go over seas, and I remember when the Euro was 85 cents to one dollar and now it is 1.20 to a dollar; so that’s a 35 percent swing in less than two years – that’s massive! What this means is that you will have to start paying more to live because your money is worth less and less. That’s why I am in gold because the more Bush runs up the deficit, the richer I get because I am in gold. Gold was at 4.09 an once this morning, and I have a million and a half shares in one gold mining company and everyday it goes up a buck, I make another million and a half bucks – that’s leverage! You have to learn how to play both sides of the fence.”

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