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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : why Mutual funds are complete rip off

Robert Kiyosaki : mutual funds are the worst place to put your money in I would never put my money in mutual funds because of things called fees and hidden fees they do not tell you how expensive it is , the mutual funds are not there to make you rich it's to make the banks Goldman Sachs and Meryl Lynch rich just remember they just rip you apart with fees funds companies put up zero dollar money you put up hundred percent of the money they take eighty percent of the profit you take twenty percent of the profit you take hundred percent of the risk and they take zero risk it's complete rip off and that's why I think we got to have financial education most school teachers will tell you to put your money in mutual funds that's why my book title is what schools never teach you about money because the school system is complicit of Wall Street and the banking system

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