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Monday, May 2, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : I can make my own money all the time

Robert Kiyosaki : "... The price is called your knowledge. You always know that you did not earn it. If you took all of my money away, I would have it right back. I don't really care about money. I mean I do but why worry about it because I can make my own money all the time. So why would I go and sell my body for it? I know a couple who really think that they made it but what they are doing is they are living off of a rich person. This one woman married a rich attorney and she thinks she made it but the fact is you married a guy who makes a lot of money. Two years ago she was broke and now she lives on Park Avenue. Call a spade a spade. If he left, would she still have the money if she had to make it on her own; she would have to sue him."

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story of Robert Kiyosaki's financial education. He had two 'dads' - one his real dad, who was poor, and the other, his best friend's dad, who was on his way to becoming a very rich man.