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Friday, April 1, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : Mutual Funds are the biggest rip offs going

 Robert Kiyosaki : “Even those that write for financial magazines. What they won’t admit is that they have to write for their advertisers. All of these mutual funds that are under indictment right now ask those guys how many of them recommended those mutual funds. All of these so-called Mutual Fund Gurus, where are they today? I have been consistent--unfortunately, mutual funds are the biggest rip offs going. You can do better in real estate. For instance, if I went to the bank and said I would like to borrow eight million dollars on mutual funds, what would they say? But, if I wanted to buy eight millions dollars of real estate, they would at least listen to me. That should tell you something. If I wanted to buy insurance on my real estate, I could buy it, but you can’t buy insurance on Mutual Funds. If I lose a million dollars in the stock market, do you know how much I can write off a year?”
in an interview with Philippe Matthews