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Monday, April 4, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : Investing Is not Risky

How To Get Ahead Financially by Robert Kiyosaki "The Cash Flow Quadrant", ...if you want to be a professional investor you have to understand that markets go up and down says Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki , Investing is not risky , being financially not sophisticated not educated and taking advise from people who also believe investing is risky is the riskiest part of investing and that what makes the Rich dad company different
You can ask for loans to buy investments, and make the investments pay the monthly fee. That's what Rich Dad calls "Other People's money". Of course, there's always the down payment. Otherwise, monthly payments can kill your cash flow.

Money can be used in doing good. Practically, we use it in daily life like buying food, clothes, etc. What is prohibited is the LOVE OF MONEY.