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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Michael Savage interviews Donald Trump on Libya and Obama

Donald Trump : America is changing rapidly and it's changing fot the worse , and something got to be done about it quickly or we gonna have a whole different place

Donald Trump : we really do not know who the so called rebels are (in Libya) I am hearing they're very closely associated with Iran , I am hearing they are very closely associated with Al Qaeda , I am hearing all sort of things about these people , what are we doing ? because that actually would be a lot worse than Gaddafi if that's the case we are spending all this money we are doing it because the Arab league which is the wealthiest country in the world by the way , told us to do it and we did it we've spent a billion in the last week and half and they've no intention of reimbursing us they just want to get rid of Gaddafi , it looks like Gaddafi is a lot tougher than Obama ...