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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Donald Trump - Obama Birth Certificate - The Greatest Scam in the history of Politics

Donald Trump : I am not convinced that he has one , I have had very smart people telling me Donald stay in the China issue stay in the Saudi Arabia issue stay in the India taking our jobs and the Mexico which is NAFTA which is get off the birth certificate issue , three weeks ago when I started I thought that he was probably born in this country and now I really have a much bigger doubt than I did before , his grand mother in Kenya says he was born in Kenya and she was there and witnessed the birth , he does not have a birth certificate or he has not shown it he has what's called a certificate of life birth that is something that is easy to get , when you want a birth certificate very much harder to get is not equivalent , a birth certificate is not even close a certificate of life birth is not even signed by anybody , I saw his I read it very carefully it does not have a serial number it does not have a signature , I am starting to think that he was not born here .....he spent 2 million dollars trying to get away from this issue and if he wasn't lying why would not he just solve it and I wish he would , because if he does not it is one of the greatest scams in the history of politics and in History are not allowed to be president if you are not born in this country , he may not have been born in this country and I tell you what three weeks ago I thought he was born in this country right now I have some serious doubts , I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they have been finding , I would like to have him show his birth certificate and can I be honest with you , I hope he can because if he can't and if he wasn't born in this country which is a real possibility I am not saying it happened I am saying it is a real possibility much greater than I thought two or three weeks ago then he has pulled one of the greatest cons in the history of Politics ..."

Who is Robert Kiyosaki ?

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