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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mike Maloney : Gold Never Goes to Zero

With the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air and banks now failing from their fraudulent activities, I think it's a good idea to preserve your wealth in precious metals.I would suggest diversifying some of your savings into gold and silver. It owes no one and will never go to ZERO. In a Taiwanese media interview, Mike Maloney describes gold's historic investment value while all paper assets eventually go to and silver may go down priced in paper money but it will NEVER go to Zero.

gold/silver or plain industrial metals are the only non encumbered wealth an individual can hold. It is not taxed, and can be concealed. it removes currency from the system, and stores it with the individual; this is why banks/financial institutions discourage gold. paper currency is aslowly defaulting debt IOU; real estate ownership is a mere tenancy, all you really have is right of use. stocks? corporate inflated debt, much like currencies are' only they require brokers to liquidate.