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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : the more you give poor people money, the poorer they get

Robert Kiyosaki : ...Well, it's not money that's the problem, it's greedy, dishonest people that's the problem. And it's not money, it's what you do for your money. In other words, if you're working at a job, like let's say you're a vegetarian and you're working in a butcher shop, that money is horrible money. So I think ignorance of money is far more damaging than education on money, or financial intelligence. Like I said, rich or poor, we're all going to use money. There's so many people, these bleeding heart socialists like my dad, who thought the way to solve poverty is to give a poor person money. The only problem with that is the more you give poor people money, the poorer they get. And the problem we face today is that we have baby boomers set to retire, approximately 80 million of them, and 70% don't have enough money to retire on, so they're going to depend upon the government. That's really my concern. Like my poor dad, there's so many people who expect the government to take care of them financially, social security as well as Medicare, it's going to bankrupt a great nation....