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Friday, February 18, 2011

Donald Trump Iraq Oil should be ours

From The Desk Of Donald Trump 2/17/11
Donald Trump : "People do not realize that Iraq after Saudi Arabia has the greatest oil reserves in the world , 15 trillion dollars worth of oil , Iran just wants that so badly , I have been saying that for long time they're going to go and get it , so may be we should take it , why give it to them , we are over there , may be we should take that oil , when this whole thing started everybody said we only in it for the oil , the fact is our leaders were too stupid to think that way , people thought that way but the leaders were too stupid to think that way , if we're only in it for the oil let's be in it for the oil may be before we leave Iraq we should take the oil ...during a recent speech I made a statement why should we secure and bring great safety to all of these very wealthy nations that rip us off consistently as an example South Korea and others and not gonna pay for it ? why are we their security guard , we should use our military and frankly make a lot of money with our military we have the greatest military in the world we have the greatests soldiers in the world we are not them the soldiers they're really acting as a police force we go in we won the war in one day and the rest of the time we are nothing but policemen and by the way it's police men that will never gonna work ...If we protect a nation they have to us for that protection ..."