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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Donald Trump on Hu US Visit : Obama Will Drop to His Knees & Kiss His Hand

Donald Trump today told Neil Cavuto that Barack Obama will "drop to his knees and kiss his hand" when Chinese President Hu Jintao gets off his plane.
"He's done it before."
Vote for Trump in 2012. He's going to run and knows how to run a business and actually loves America, unlike Bobama.

The Donald took a poke at Obama today. While Chinese President Hu Jintao's plane arrived in the United States today, Donald Trump told Neil Cavuto, "You'll let me know whether our President drops to his knees." In this Fox News clip "The Donald", speaking with Neal Cavuto, calls out China and discusses their lack of respect for America. This is how our President should sound, we must get back to American exceptionalism and Mr. Trump is the walking definition.