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Monday, December 27, 2010

Wayne Palmer Self Storage Deal

Wayne and Robert Kiyosaki  discuss a deal for 163 self storage units. Watch how Wayne analyzes how to get into this via the exchange methodology versus straight cash.

Wayne's plan worked for me! I bought a 128-unit storage facility and was able to rent every unit to college students to practice their rock bands in and let them live-in too. Hey, $200 cash per month x 128 equals $25,600 a month. Who needs to run a small apartment complex when you can provide college housing?! "Dirty old cash" is fine with me Wayne, if you don't like it, mail it to me!
Minor point at looking at self storage locations is mobile home owners are not good self storage renters - they dont have any money. Usually they are on a fixed budget, retired and not acquiring possessions. Apartments are great to be next too as well as business/office buildings.

Otherwise good solid information.
Smart people get the most dough. I totally agree with Wayne's view of dealmaking. No matter if it's real estate or buying businesses or doing anything else related to dealmaking. It all makes sense to me. I am doing it myself right now so I know that Wayne's methods work.