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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Use Gold, Silver & Copper Because No Man Made System Will Ever last - Mike Maloney The world gets a new monetary system every 30 or 40 years, and it's past time for a change.
Financial educator and precious metals expert Michael Maloney has made this observation, based on his extensive study of economic cycles, for years. We had the classical gold standard from 1871 until World War I, the gold exchange standard between the two world wars, the Bretton Woods international monetary system from 1944 until 1971, and since 1971, the entire world has been on the dollar standard.
"So we are already overdue for a new worldwide monetary system," Mike says, "and this is a normal thing. It will be this way as long as governments don't allow the free markets to work."Words of wisdom! Governments meddle so as to give an illusion of wealth, importance or significance it seems. Try as they might though, silver and gold are historical benchmarks for all the things governments try to conger from thin air.It can happen at anytime. I ll just predict this decade or sooner. There going to print it slowly destroying the dollar. Will get cut to 40 and the world then will realize the reserve currency will be left.