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Friday, December 24, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki : there are four basic asset classes

Robert Kiyosaki : The four things that make people poor every single month are number one taxes , number two is debt , car payment mortgage payment number three is inflation the price of gas is going up food is going up and number four is Retirement plan , so those are the four things that made the average middle class person poor they are the very same things that make guys like me rich if you have financial education I can make millions of dollars and pay zero dollar in taxes by using debt to get rich not poor , I use debt to get rich I use inflation to get rich I invest in gold oil and copper and I do not have a retirement plan ....
there are four basic asset classes , number one is a business the richest people in the world own business like Bill Gates the second is real estate third is stock bonds and paper assets and the fourth are commodities so i own all four but I am a student of all four , if you do not have any education you will lose money at any one of them ...trying to get rich is like flying an airplane so you do not just plan to take off because you will crash I do it is : if it does not cash flow I do not buy it ...I only buy real estate where there is jobs