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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki: The Rich work for tangible assets

Robert Kiyosaki : The Rich work for assets not cash or job security

Robert Kiyosaki :"My poor dad valued a safe, secure job. But my rich dad said, you're working hard all your life but you're not building anything. You're taking cash, and cash is trash to him. He says what you want to do is build an asset, like Bill Gates built Microsoft. I built the Rich Dad company, a mining company, I have publication companies. I built something that's worthwhile. Whereas some people just value a steady paycheck and job security and cash, and cash is trash. And so that's why I really stress people get a little education and find out what the rich work hard for. They don't work hard for cash or job security. Most are working hard for some kind of tangible asset that pays them into the future and you can pass on to future generations. Most people cannot pass their job on to their kids."