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Friday, December 17, 2010

Donald Trump Interview on Fox News

Full interview of Donald Trump 'On the Record' Tax Chinese product we do not want free trade with people that are raping us , their products are not as good as ours , they cannot match the quality of our product , when we tax Chinese products we will in the same time create jobs in America , we are rebuilding China and in 10 , 20 years they will have an economy bigger than ours...they are manipulating their currency...

Mr. Trump you are absolutely spot-on. Poor USA caught not only by manipulated currency of China, and the flow of illegal immigrants into USA taking the few jobs that are left in America. Get rid of politicians and get some American businessmen into the Whitehouse and kick Wallstreet out too. Then maybe just maybe some factories might be built and revive middle-America. Donald please run for office; needs to knock some heads and rebuild America. I read the FTA.