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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Children are the biggest asset of a society

Our Children's Future in Our Hands

Part 1 is the introduction. It is about how the world is changing rapidly. Individuals, families and communities are facing many challenges. They are affecting everyone, rich and poor, young and old. It asks, our children are our greatest asset -- but what is happening to them? The video segments 1 to 4 are part of a documentary written and directed by Anatole Kononewsky. Anatole was Senior Research Officer at the Australian Institute of Criminology. The original documentary was produced in Australia and launched in March 1993. It was produced for the project, "Before its Too Late". Robert Kiyosaki and Max Walker were the national spokesmen for the video launch. The video was used, with a handbook, by schools around Australia.

Although produced back in 1993, the documentary raises issues and problems that are still relevant to all of us and shows some of their potential solutions. It also examines the futility of the current prison and criminal justice system. It is a compassionate examination of the challenges that modern society is currently presenting to young people and portrays an understanding of the dilemmas they face.

The documentary looks at the problems from a personal, social and ethical level, seeking to empower the viewer with the attitude necessary to find solutions. It is pertinent to young people experiencing difficulty with authority, achieving, parental relationships, or any other socially alienating attitude. The "Before it's Too Late" project supported a selected number of youth groups in Australia. The project was completed in 1996 when it donated all of its surplus funds to the Lighthouse Foundation Ltd (a project based in Melbourne helping homeless youth at risk).

Comments on the Video & the Project: "Before it's too Late"

"Congratulations, the video is spectacular." Robert Kiyosaki, International best selling author.

"...was very impressed with your work." Joseph Chilton Pearce, The U.S. Senate Adviser on Early Childhood Development, U.S. Lecturer and author of the international best seller "Magical Child"

"'Before it's Too Late' is a wonderful opportunity to help the children..." Gary Busey, International Film Actor, (Comment in 1992 on BTL project)

"The video is one of the most powerful tools you would ever want to use, it touched my heart." Max Walker, Australian Cricketer and National TV Sports commentator

"I thought the video was fantastic!" The Late John Bell, Managing Director - Esprit International

"The 'Before it's Too Late' project is important in that it brings to our attention the problems our youth confront today." Michael John, Minister of Community Services (Australia Government)

"...such a positive way of providing opportunities for everyone to get involved." Lulu, International Singer and Performer

"..the video is one of the most powerful tools you would ever want to use -- it touched my heart." Max Walker -- Australian Cricketer & National TV Sports Commentator

"Before it's Too Late" is a wonderful opportunity to help the children..." Gary Busey -- International film actor

"...your video was fantastic, I appreciated the opportunity to view it." Jennifer Kyte -- Channel 7 News, Melbourne

A song was written in 1993 by Anatole Kononewsky for the launch of the video, in Melbourne, Australia, "See what we can be" -- a song for children. The song was performed live on the night by the Fitzroy Community School Choir. The song is about seeing the potential in ourselves, especially our children. When the highest priority of our families, communities, schools, government and business is to ensure all of our children are raised to feel safe, secure and serene then we will begin to create more peaceful people. And with more peaceful people we will have a more peaceful world.

The song is linked to another initiative created and song written by Anatole Kononewsky, "See the world in you"