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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki 3 Day Business School

Robert Kiyosaki 3 Day Business School

Robert Kiyosaki's 3 Day Business School
Robert Kiyosaki presents TWO LIVE business seminars like this each year. There will be around two hundred business owners and investors attending from literally all parts of the globe and there will be a lot of interaction with Robert Kiyosaki and his advisors.

During the 3-day seminar, Robert Kiyosaki will focus on topics that include:

1. How to predict the future

By studying Dr. R. Buckminster Fullers work on prognostication, you will learn how the future is not traveling in a straight line. You will learn how to change your life by changing your future.
2. How to create your future

Robert and Rich Dads Advisor Blair Singer will teach PERT (Planning Evaluation Review Technique). Through this you will gain the ability to go into the future and create backwards. PERT was the planning technique used to put the first humans on the moon.
3. How to print your own money
(and change your financial future)

One of the most powerful books Robert has read is Dr. Fullers Grunch of Giants, GRUNCH stands for Gross Universal Cash Heist. The book is about how the rich print their own money and why theyre rich. You will learn to do the same. More importantly, you will learn how to prosper from the future of moneynot be a victim of it.

This is your opportunity to transform your business and network with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and powerful movers and shakers from all parts of the globe.

The Scottsdale Plaza Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona