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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creating Infinite Returns Through a Real Estate Investments

Creating Infinite Returns Through a Real Estate Investments from Conspiracy of the Rich on Vimeo.
Robert Kiyosaki ..: the key to real estate is debt , it is debt that makes us rich ....use bank's money refinance get you money back have a cash flow plus own the property ...the average person without the financial education , debt kills them but with the smart investors like Robert kiyosaki debt makes them richer because they still have their money back ow an asset and the tenants still pay their debt each month....Robert, along with friend, partner, and author of the Rich Dad Advisor Book, The ABC's of Real Estate Investing, Ken McElroy, explains the details of investing for infinite returns, and how he buys multi-million dollar properties, gets all of the money back, keeps the property, and pockets the cash.