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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Robert T Kiyosaki Interview on The Philippe Matthews Show

Robert Kiyosaki : welcome to the Information Age

Robert T Kiyosaki talks about paying the price to be rich on the Philippe Matthews Show - Dont listen to Wall Street. You dont want to be 65 and realize you have run out of money and out of time.Robert T. Kiyosaki interview on the losers mentality. If you cant control your emotions, you cant control your money. Understanding the 80/20 rule Kiyosaki style.Robert T. Kiyosaki interview says, I get into a funk and depression too. The winner/loser inside me.Speaking to my African American friends You are working hard for something you dont own someone elses plantation called Coca Cola, Intel, Microsoft!
Freedom of speech doesnt mean we have to tell the truth. If a newspaper says something that their advertisers dont do, they get shut down.