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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki : The Financial education is your biggest asset

Night Talk: Interview With Robert Kiyosaki (part 2)

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Robert Kiyosaki : you need to learn how to leverage , how to get greater income ...a house is not an asset , there will always be boom and busts , the rich will get richer simply because they can print money faster than a person working for it can earn it...The US uses 18 tons of ink everyday to print money they are printing money 24/7 , for every dollar we have in America 4 dollars are outside the country and we do not know what they are doing with it ...there is so much of the reporting that it is not accurate and that's why we need to be smarter today need to keep increasing your money because the government will print it faster than you earn it ....The biggest predatory animal out there is the government ....If China will say we are not going to lend you any more money they'll have to raise taxes ...savers are losers , when you put your money in the bank and you get 5% interest , while inflation is actually at 15% , your purchasing power will continue to decrease the fixed income the poor the retired they are in big trouble right now...the greatest asset is the financial is not money it is a currency after 1971 ...the 401K is the most highly taxed vehicle you could put your money into ...real estate is taxed zero , you can make millions of dollars taxed zero legally ...if you wanna lose weight you should not starve yourself it makes the problem worse , so I do not believe in living below my means ......