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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kerrianne : Robert Kiyosaki Secrets Made Me A Fortune In Network Marketing...

Robert Kiyosaki says Network Marketing is the fastest way for ordinary people to get out of the Rat Race, and into the Business and Investor Quadrants...

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards shares her Multiple 6-Figure Success Story...

A great mentor of mine, through his books, is Robert Kiyosaki. Hes the guy that put the idea of leverage into simple layman's terms in his Rich Dad Poor Dad Series, and made it his mission to re-educate people about the power of leverage... If you dont have leverage working for you in your life, then youre never going to get out of the rat race.

The underlying principle of leverage is simply that you put a certain amount of effort in but because of some kind of system, way of thinking, or technology, you are able to increase the result from of whatever it is youre doing in greater proportion than the effort you put in.

In a nutshell - you are putting in a certain amount of effort, but youre getting a bigger result.

Smart entrepreneurs are looking for ways of making money and getting rich, by using simple systems and the power of leverage to explode their earning capacity AND their quality of life.

Any real business requires that you have a complete business owner mindset - you must be very professional and committed to your success. You will be prepared to become a well educated entrepreneur and learn new skills, but essentially if you have a system in place that enables you to put the time, effort and money in - but gives you the opportunity to double, triple, or quadruple the rewards that result - you are in the right place to plan your exit from the rat race.

If you don't have leverage, it doesnt really matter how much money youre making or how much youre being paid - if your income depends on you turning up and putting a certain amount of hours in every day, then youre never going to be able to get out of the rat race.

The truth is were all looking for more lifestyle...
People start out looking for a business and a way to make more money. But whats the reason were looking to make money? Its all about being able to spend more time with the people we love, and more time doing the things we love for all of us different things - travel, hobbies, more time with our families. The idea is that you are able to Choose - thats what leverage gives you - leverage gives you Choice and Freedom.

Robert Kiyosakis books are all about showing people new ways of thinking about money... as something that you should structure and take time to educate yourself about. Think about ways of improving your relationship with money and improving the leverage you have around your time and effort, and your ways of generating money.

As a result of reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad series, I actually did what he suggested. I found myself a Network Marketing Business that met all of the criteria he suggests in his book the Cashflow Quadrant.

He suggests that the best way to get out of the employee or the self-employed quadrants and into the business and investor quadrants for people who have no experience (like I didnt ) is to get yourself into a structure - a structure such as a Network Marketing that has all the leverage built into it before you even start.

You do need to turn up with a serious business mindset, and you need to apply yourself as you would to any business BUT you dont have to develop the whole infrastructure yourself. You have full training and support resources and people teaching you exactly what you need to know, from the minute you walk in the door.

So I did exactly what he suggested and the result is that I became a multiple 6-figure earner in my industry in less than 2 years.

My business enables me to travel the world with my family, meeting all sorts of inspiring people, learning great new information that takes my business to new levels, and having a ton of fun while I'm doing it.
As a result of reading Roberts books, I put myself into this position to win and create a dream lifestyle for myself and my family.

Maybe as a result of reading Rich Dad Poor Dad youre thinking of looking into Network Marketing and youd like to have a conversation with me, then I would just really encourage you.

Pick the phone up and call me direct, or if you prefer visit my website and send your details through. Ill give you a call and we can work out a time to speak.

I really look forward to meeting you and letting you know more about what Network Marketing has done for me and my family.

To Your Success,
Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards