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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki : Silver is the best hedge against inflation

Robert Kiyosaki on Silver - newsmax

Robert Kiyosaki : Gold has no value to it , unlike Silver which is an industrial precious metal it is used in cell phone cameras computers and most of the IT gadgets , today there is more gold on planet earth than there silver , Silver is a bargain today a year ago one ounce of gold could buy one ounce of silver today one ounce of gold could but 70 ounces of silver , it is fantastic....

Robert Kiyosaki has been saying for a long to collect silver assets. This business has no competition and is about building wealth. The automated system makes this MLM business very easy to do and to profit from.
Robert Kiyosaki : I better be street smart than college educated , the Obama administration as well as all the big corporations are full of college educated kids with no real world experience , they will have to increase either inflation or taxes ,Israel will attack Iran every time there is an economic problem they have to create a war , wars cannot be financed unless you have inflation and taxes , The reason the US can fight so many wars is that it can tax but also inflate the monetary system by printing money ...whatever everybody is doing do not do it ....the one I am watching more than anything else is Silver , Silver is an industrial metal unlike Gold and today there is less silver in the world than there is gold ...says Robert Kiyosaki